Loading future... (a Vitra-esque Office Furniture Exhibition)

If you are going to Art Basel go take a look at VitraHaus! I made the first floor exhibition concept for the Gaabs in collaboration with SevilPeach Architects.

Digitally analog and analogously digital, a play with the in-between takes this exhibition away from the dusty museums. A living and growing two-year installation was made in VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein to encage the visitors to touch and partake. From big scale concept to small details, the first floor was taken over by playful ideas.

The stairs now work as a happiness barometer for visitors to climb up to the second floor. To celebrate emails, the ceiling sports a paper plane installation built by the set designer Nici Theuerkauf.  You can also build your own paper plane in an inspiring mini-workshop.

The multifunctional 'Workbays' from the Bouroullec brothers were turned into cozy hubs, one becoming a making-of scene from the exhibition development process, one a library in collaboration with Do You Read Me!? shop, and another was turned into a photo booth.

If you slow down and take a closer look, you'll discover fun facts spread in the desk area. Did you know, a single mouse click can burn 1,42 calories? Click click!

Suvi Häring