Guggenheim Helsinki — a nordic statue for art

Guggenheim Institute and the city of Helsinki invited architects from all around the world to partake in creating a concept for the future Museum. 

The proposed Guggenheim Helsinki should become an innovative, multidisciplinary museum of art and design in the emerging fast-growing capital. It is envisaged that the museum would organise and present internationally significant exhibitions of artworks from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries while also specialising in Nordic art and architecture.

The location placed in the land of innovation and education leading in sustainable bio-economy, calls for creative use of Finnish wood and the latest digital technology. The changing colours of seasons pose a unique challenge and opportunity in developing the urban context of the historic waterfront. 

Inspired by the development of site-specific art and the growth of scale, FAKT, a team of architects based in Berlin and Zürich, focused on expanding the museum walls respecting the nordic ideals of openness and accessibility. By offering flexibility and growth in a combination of sheer space and clear structure they created a vision of a playground for art of the future.

I was happy to collaborate with them as a part of creative concept development process shedding northern light on the experience of art in space.

↪ Guggenheim Gallery
↪ FAKT Website

Suvi Häring