Sutor Mantellassi Relaunch

To celebrate 50 year anniversary, this luxury shoe brand from Milan is relaunching.

The refreshed approach is a mixture of classic male elegance with surreal quirkiness, nostalgia with a contemporary take. Frederico Fellini, Carlo Mollino and Marcello Mastroianni serve as inspiring characters for the brand, the latter being the central figure for their latest designer collaboration with the designers Justin Deakin, Bassam Fellows, Golden Goose, Scott Schumann and Toshinosuke Takegahara. Also Fellini's movie '8 1/2'  from 1963 gets a remake by Aaron Rose in honor of Mastroianni who was a big fan of the brand.

For Sutor Mantellassi the shoes are not an element representing certain fashion but rather, communication of a bold standing. The man is seen as a statue, his shoes as leather sculptures. These sculptures are bespoke and made-to-measure in exclusive materials with iconic blue soles.

The photography is developed by the ever-brilliant Marcus Gaab, still-lifes with a mirror twist served in a subtle combination of black, white and color. Cinematic approach is not only visible in the extensive use of moving image but also in the specific 16:9 format.

The new look is inspired by italian modernism and Milan flair. Aldo Novarese and Bruno Munari worked together on the new font of choice, originally made for Società Nebiolo, which was just freshly revived by Font Bureau.

Read more about the font on Font Bureau Blog.

A project for & with The Gaabs

Suvi Häring